No special tool is needed to install our cover support system. 
Nonetheless, for professionals, we offer tools enabling them to install up to three Boat Vents 3 in less than a minute. Besides, no reinforcement should be used.

Vico Marine Circle Cutter

BV Circle Cutter
Vico Marine's circle cutter is designed to deliver severĀ­al hundred quick and clean hole cuts.

Vico Marine Socket

BV3 Socket
The BV3 socket, which can be attached to a cordless electric drill, makes perfect installation a quick and consistent process.

Vico Marine Wrench

BV3 Wrench
Our BV3 wrench provides an
easy way to employ enough torque to the BV3 washer.

Vico Marine Socket with cordless screwdriver
Vico Marine Boat Vent 3 Wrench with Boat Vent 3


Boat Vent 3 installation with our tools - quick and consistent