Boat Vent 3

Boat Vent 3 is a unique improvement over the Boat Vent 2's venting, which made its name in the marine industry over the last two decades . The BV 3 provides roughly 40% more venting while still tenting your boat cover at , preventing mildew and mold. Molded from the highest UV inhibited plastic on the planet, it can be installed to virtually any boat cover. Its overhanging top allows in less moisture while 30 teeth on the washer provides a firm, secure grip for your cover.

Vico Marine Boat Vent 3
Ventilation Boat Cover
Vico Marine Boat Vent 3 White


  • No sewing needed
  • No reinforcement piece needed
  • Installs in less than 15 seconds


  • automotive grade resin


  • Center seam option available
  • Inside hole fits standard 3/4" tube or our spline tip for improved fit
  • For high through-put installation tools are available
  • Color options: black and white 
Vico Marine Boat Vent 3
Vico Marine Boat Vent 3
Vico Marine Boat Vent 3 Individual pieces


See why the Boat Vent 3 is liked by consumers and OEMs alike.


The Boat Vent 3 doesn't require any tools to install but a pair of scissors. See this step-by-step video on how to install it correctly.

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Or do want to incorporate the installation in a production line? 

Our tools will help you to get the job done even faster!

Vico Marine Boat Vent 3 installed

Compatible with StopGull

The BV3 StopGull allows combining Boat Vent 3 support system with Sempre Abril's Stopgull antiĀ­gull deterrent. Enjoy three functions in one system:

  • Venting
  • Tenting
  • Bird deterrent

No tools are needed for a quick and secure installation.

Vico Marine Boat Vent 3 for Stopgull Air
Vico Marine Boat Vent 3 for Stopgull Air installed